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This is a place to publish all my poetry that I've written since junior high school. The ones I wrote first will post first and you probably will be able to tell a teenager wrote them. HA. But as they progress I hope they became more insightful and even inspired. Some have definite themes to the writing style, flow, or continuity that I hope people will catch onto.

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Monday, August 02, 2004

When I See You

When I see you, my heart just drops.
I know you like another,
So that’s where our friendship stops.

I haven’t told many people how I really feel.
I wish I could tell you
But you’d probably think it’s no big deal.

Even though I haven’t liked you very long,
It hurts to see her and you.

Maybe I should give up.
I don’t know what to do.

I don’t want to let go
But maybe it’s for the best.

I really like you.
I don’t know if I can let it rest.

Well, I guess I need some time
To think everything through.

I know you guys make a good couple.
I should be happy for you.

I probably can’t change things.
This is the way they should be.

I just wish instead of her you were kissing,
It was me.

Maybe I’ll get over you.
At least we’ll be friends.
It’s probably best that I let
Whatever feelings I have for you end.

By: Lori Kinnison Fortmann


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