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This is a place to publish all my poetry that I've written since junior high school. The ones I wrote first will post first and you probably will be able to tell a teenager wrote them. HA. But as they progress I hope they became more insightful and even inspired. Some have definite themes to the writing style, flow, or continuity that I hope people will catch onto.

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Monday, August 02, 2004

Far Away Friend

I wish you were here now,
So we could really talk.

It seems so long since you’ve been gone,
Time goes slowly by on a ticking clock.

Even though we’re separated by the miles.
That doesn’t mean I’ll ever forget the fun and all the smiles.

In the short time I’ve known you,
My life has really changed.

Whenever it would crumble,
You’d help me rearrange.

What I’m trying to say is thanks,
For all that you have done.

You always were a good friend
And indeed a special one.

I guess I should end this
Before the tears show through.

I’ll always love ya like a sis,
And remember I miss you.

By: Lori Kinnison Fortmann


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