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This is a place to publish all my poetry that I've written since junior high school. The ones I wrote first will post first and you probably will be able to tell a teenager wrote them. HA. But as they progress I hope they became more insightful and even inspired. Some have definite themes to the writing style, flow, or continuity that I hope people will catch onto.

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Monday, August 02, 2004

I Want You Back

(author unknown)

Something in me can’t ignore
How much I really miss you.
Something in me can’t forget
How once it felt to kiss you.

Something in the way we talked,
The hopes and times we shared.
Reminds me that in our own way,
We loved and, yes, we cared.

Something keeps repeating
There are good times still ahead.
Something in my heart feels
There are fond words to be said.

Something in me senses
We’ve passed through the darkest weather.
Something keeps on saying,
Why can’t we get back together.


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