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This is a place to publish all my poetry that I've written since junior high school. The ones I wrote first will post first and you probably will be able to tell a teenager wrote them. HA. But as they progress I hope they became more insightful and even inspired. Some have definite themes to the writing style, flow, or continuity that I hope people will catch onto.

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Monday, August 02, 2004

Is This It?

Is this it? The last time?
Will it ever be the same?
Is all the fun over?
After all that’s happened, can I hide the shame?

You never told me how you felt.
Now will I ever know?
Are all the kisses gone?
Just tell me the truth, then I’ll go.

But first I have to say once again,
how much I care for you and always will.
You meant everything to me.
Just remember the love is there still.

Are you going to find someone new?
Do I have to settle for being your friend?
What happened to all the good times?
Is this really the end?

Is this my last chance to really talk to you?
I’ll never forget the things we had to share.
Despite all these questions, I do know one thing.
Deep down in your heart you did care.


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